Losartas Recall Advisory


The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has recalled Losartas, a brand of Losartan blood pressure medicine (please refer to photos below). There is no immediate health risk. If you are taking Losartas, please continue because it is unsafe to stop.


FG棋牌娱乐For more information on the recall, please refer to materials by the following authorities: 

  • Health Sciences Authority:  
  • Ministry of Health:  
  • Ministry of Health:  

You may contact the HSA hotline at 6866 3538 or email: contact_hprg@hsa.gov.sg if you have further enquiries. You may also visit the HSA website at for more details and updates. 

Patients of the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics may contact our hotline at 6547 6456 or email feedback@nhgp.huanggv.icuFG棋牌娱乐 if you have further enquiries.


Other Patient Education Resources 

click on the following links for more health information.


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